Distiller of Fine Spirits

Born of great experience and passion to produce the finest spirits the world has seen

From humble beginnings, the dream to produce quality liquor became a lifestyle driven by “pride, passion and perfection”. This is testament to Ironbark distillery being more than the sum of its parts. This pride, passion and perfection became our slogan and we live by it.

Embracing the Australian lifestyle, with an alchemical background, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality spirits to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur.

From our ingredients and equipment to our experienced operators, we strive for perfection using only quality Australian base materials.

Time is the purest element and with time comes quality. In time, we have perfected our processes.

In a world where time is such a rare commodity, Ironbark Distillery aims to create a range of spirits designed to steal back time. Spirits handcrafted and enjoyed with friends.
Whether sharing memories of times gone by or simply enjoying the present moment, when doing nothing is doing something, stealing back time.

So many of our icons have vanished or been relegated to sheds and attics. Comparable to the best spirits in the world, with a uniquely Australian twist, we aim to be a symbol of what we can achieve

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy producing them and in accordance with the rules of time, we see this as a journey.

Award Winning Distillery

Double Silver and Double Bronze at San Francisco World Spirit Awards

Australian Gin Distillery Of The Year 2015 plus Silver and Gold for Wattleseed Gin and Dry Gin

Recent Posts

Ironbark Distillery wins Double Silver and Double Bronze at San Francisco World Spirit Awards

This year’s San Francisco World Spirit Awards Attracted some 1800 entries from all over the world to be judged by 40 judges at the Hotel Nikko. We are pleased to say that Ironbark was one of those. We entered our 313 Dry gin, 313 Wattleseed Dry Gin, our Clear Corn Rye Moonshine and our four Week Barrel Aged Moonshine, and in what can only be described as a stellar result for Ironbark, we managed to take out two silver, 313... Read More

Cornflake Old Fashioned

Now we all know how good the classic Old Fashioned is, some things just don’t need changing… This recipe is an exception to that rule, using our very own Barrel Aged Corn Rye Moonshine! Not a replacement for the original recipe but a super tasty variation. It’s nostalgia in a glass for those who grew up eating Cornflakes. There is a little bit of prep in the garnish, it’s very easy though, so don’t worry about that. We have provided... Read More

Ironbark at the 2015 Melbourne International Spirit Awards

The heart and soul of Ironbark Distillery is the crystal clear, pure spirits that are produced in this small boutique distillery, of which the range now numbers six. From the start point of Crystallus Vodka, which led to the Chai Spirit with its unique aroma and taste, which then led me as a distiller to begin researching and developing a uniquely flavoured, Australian produced Gin. The first Gin was a standard dry variety followed by a Gin with a pure aussie... Read More

Black Penny Winter Party Cocktail List

Christian from Black Penny in Sydney has written a winter cocktail list that features our very own Chai Spirit. Below is their cocktail list for you to check out when you visit them, or even make your own at home. Feel free to swap out the Gins and Whiskeys with our very own Gins and Moonshines for some of the recipes. Blood Orange Sour – Four Pillars Extra Dry Gin, Solerno Blood Orange Liquer, Lemon, Lime, Burnt Candied Orange Barrel... Read More

More Tasting Notes From Nick’s

We’re pleased to say that Nick’s Wine Merchants now stock our products on their website. We have received some great tasting notes from Nick’s in the past and they’ve recently reviewed our latest spirits, with the brilliant results (if we do say so ourselves) displayed on each product respectively over on their website. Here is the notes: Corn Rye Moonshine Mashed using all Australian grain. Brilliant, crystal clear appearance. Lifted bouquet features corn chip, ryvita biscuit and hints of caraway. Excellent... Read More