About Us

The Story

It is often spoken that we manufacture very little in Australia any more and it is true that recent years have indeed seen a marked downturn in what we make here at home.

Why does it have to be this way?

The skills of trades like coopers, blacksmiths and ironworkers have all but been relegated to the pages of history. It has not only been skill, many companies once considered to be part of the landscape of the nation are now no more than memories.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Much like the Australian wine industry of a decade or so ago, the craft distilling industry is beginning to emerge, bringing some truly world class spirits and unique flavours to the table, showing that there is so much more to spirits than the mass producers would have you believe. So much so that the big boys of the industry are beginning to release their own small batch and boutique versions of staple brands. However it is still produced on a large scale and is still blended to taste.

Ironbark do not blend to taste. The spirits produced today are proofed with purified, sterilised, locally sourced water, filtered through carbon and bottled by hand in the distillery. Attention to detail and using grain that is nurtured in Australian soil, kissed by Australian sun, is how we achieve our unique Australian flavour profile in our spirit range.

Australia's fastest growing distillery in the Hawkesbury region

Ironbark's Principles

In the twilight of the year 2013, Ironbark distillery was born, built on it's core principles of:

In every stage of the production of pure handcrafted Australian spirits, in the history and the journey travelled to gain the skill and knowledge to bring the dream to life, we show pride!


For not only the product, but for each piece of the raw material matrix that goes in to creating purity, for the people and the industry that Ironbark Distillery is a part of, we have passion!


Always striving to bring world class products that showcase not only the pure clear spirits that Ironbark Distillery produces, but also the raw materials that are sourced wholly within Australia and the skills of our master distiller.

The Heart and Soul of Ironbark Distillery

Traditionally fine spirits are produced in copper pot stills and there is no argument that the finest whiskys bourbons and rums are produced in these stills for their characteristic flavour profiles. In fact, distillers have been known to replicate each dent in a still when replacing equipment in the belief that it all affects the flavour profile. The other major requirement of any still is copper. Integral to the process, as it eliminates sulphides created in the distillation process.

However for purity of spirit, a new generation of distillers are utilising fractionation columns to achieve a high purity spirit. Our still is a sectional fractionation column constructed from stainless steel. But where’s the copper? All of the internal components are fabricated from copper for the same sulphide removing qualities. Being of modular design it can be run in many configurations, depending on what flavour profile we desire. Our still truly is the heart and soul of this small distillery.

What Makes Ironbark Distillery Uniquely Australian?

Ironbark Distillery is the realisation of a dream, a true story of how not only us, but the boutique distilling industry is taking on the big players. Providing a choice for the market that is not mass produced, that is handcrafted, made here, with Australian ingredients. In the creation of Ironbark, adversity has been a constant companion. The distillery has been twice flooded in torrential rain, constant delays pre and post construction, have all played their part in delaying the first release by some 24 weeks. In celebration of our Australian heritage we are currently developing a unique handcrafted wattle seed gin. All of our products are crafted using only the finest Australian ingredients, sourced here, to promote grains and flavours produced by our farms.

The First Releases

Imagine if you could travel back in time with a bottle and capture the dust created at the dawn of the universe. The first release bottles are a lot like that.

Produced in strictly limited numbers, these are the spirits that will make up the Ironbark range. These bottles are hand numbered and will no doubt grow to become true collector’s editions.

These are premium handcrafted spirits, from mash to bottle, each step of the process is closely monitored to ensure that the finished product is an example of pure spirit. We appreciate that our range is a little more expensive than most mass produced products available to the consumer. It just means that our products might not be for everyone. However, many consumers have stated that they would be quite happy to pay a little extra for superior handcrafted, locally made products. It’s this void we aim to fill.

Crystallus Vodka

The Pure Australian

Produced using an extended ferment period, Crystallus is pure Australian vodka and was the first of the range to be produced. What has been created is a beautifully smooth clear spirit that goes well in cocktails and is even quite easy to drink by itself.

Corn Rye Moonshine

Ironbark's age-old recipe

What can be said of a spirit who’s longevity has spanned several hundred years. It has survived the test of time through prohibition right up until the present day. Made from a traditional moonshine recipe, this is a corn based spirit that is reminiscent of bourbon that has had no ageing in the barrel. It is mashed using all Australian grain, and truly is a unique spirit. As with the rest of our range, our moonshine is a pleasure to drink neat, with mixers or in cocktails.

Chai Spirit

Not your standard hippie

Created on a whim, Ironbark’s Chai Spirit has a truly unique flavour. It mixes well in exciting cocktails and is also a pleasure to drink neat. The perfect compliment to many mixers, it is easy to drink by the ocean on a lazy summer afternoon.

Ironbark Dry Gin

The taste of Juniper

It would have been easy to produce a product that uses a multitude of botanicals to create a complex array of flavours. However at Ironbark we have keep the botanicals to a minimum, to allow the full flavour of the Juniper berries and base botanicals to shine. This has led to a spirit that is both simple in design and smooth to the palate. Can you pick the botanicals outside of the juniper?

Wattle Seed Gin

A uniquely Australian Blend

A truly unique gin with under-notes of Australian Wattle Seed. This has created a uniquely Australian flavoured Gin that is perfect for mixing, drinking neat and in your own unique cocktails. The perfect solution for any gin based drinks, so easy to enjoy at the end of a long summer day.

The People

Reg Papps
Master Alchemist / Director

Having learned the craft over a career spanning 26 years in industrial distillation, it was at the end of 2013 that having taken a redundancy, Reg decided to transfer the skills learned to a much smaller scale and opened Ironbark Distillery.
“Belief in dreams is an integral part of human nature and I would rather suffer the consequences of failure than die wondering, or watch the skills of long forgotten trades be relegated to the pages of history books”.

Greta Papps
Sales Manager

Bringing her business management skills to the table, Greta takes on the roll of liaising with our suppliers and dealing with wholesalers to help free up valuable time to allow the distiller to focus on handcrafting our product range.
This role has come from humble beginnings to grow into a full time occupation in itself. The other prima role that Greta tackles is helping not only find, but procure the botanicals that go into our spirits.

Digital Media

Ben’s creative genius has been integral to the process from day one. Involved in the process since conception at a coffee shop. At times he’s had the mammoth task of trying to decipher the thoughts and ideas that Reg dreams up and bring them to fruition.
Taking time out of his busy schedule with his own company GoWebben, Ben has dedicated countless hours to helping get all of the visual aspects of Ironbark Distillery in order.