Gourmantic 8th Birthday Gin

Gourmantic 8th Birthday Gin 2017

Gourmantic 8th Birthday Gin

(Credit Gourmantic Magazine 2017)

World Cocktail Day 2017: Gourmantic 8th Birthday Gin

Celebrations occurred around the globe for World Cocktail Day this year. Highballs, Fizzes and Old Fashioned cocktails served around the world.  Of course on this day Ironbark Distillery is always in full swing. Though this year, Head Distiller Reg Papps joined together with friends Kevin Burke and Corinne Mossati of Gourmantic Magazine. Gourmantic Magazine covers Restaurants, Bars, Spirits, and Travel destinations. Alongside being strong supporters of the hospitality industry they also have a refined palate. Finally, on this special day we decided to distill the Gourmantic 8th Birthday Gin.

Embarking on a new venture, Gourmantic decided to distill a new expression of gin with Reg Papps. At last, a unique collaborative gin to commemorate this special milestone. This gin would celebrate the 8th birthday of the magazine. As a result, the gin distilled on World Cocktail Day showcases a blend of eight traditional and Australian botanicals specially selected by Gourmantic Magazine. The gin is aptly named ‘Gourmantic 8th Birthday Gin’ described by Reg as mildly briny with a long clean finish.

Gourmantic Origins Dinner

Fast forward to this past weekend the gin was served at the Gourmantic Origins Dinner during cocktail hour. To start the evening, the only cocktail served was the G8 Gibson with Gourmantic 8th Birthday Gin. This limited release small batch gin beautifully distilled to 45.6%.

The Gourmantic Birthday Gin 2017 was served in the only cocktail on the night, the G8 Gibson, dubbed as the “Gr8 Gibson”, a riff on the classic to highlight the savoury and briny notes of the gin. – Gourmantic Magazine

Lastly, to end the night, the Gourmantic 8th Birthday Gin was given to the attendees of the dinner. Happy birthday to Gourmantic and cheers to many more birthdays to come!

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Visit Gourmantic Magazine: http://www.gourmantic.com

Read about the full dinner:  http://www.gourmantic.com/2017/06/27/gourmantic-origins-dinner/


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