How to make the perfect ice cube for spirits

Making the perfect ice cube is not as hard as you'd think!

How to make the perfect ice cube for spirits

You don’t have to be a master ice carver to create the perfect ice cubes for your spirits!

Ever noticed how the ice cubes that come from those plastic freezer trays taste funky, smell festy, and look cloudy? Well, there is a solution. A bit of fiddling around, but a far superior ice cube to compliment fine spirits.

Some background on the festy ones first. The reason they look cloudy is because there is little tiny air bubbles trapped inside, the water in the tray does not freeze evenly, trapping air – hence the cloud. As they melt, any odours and particles that were previously trapped are released back into the air – hence the aroma. Adding to this are the chemicals leaching out of the plastic… and there you have one festy, funky ice cube.


The Solution: You will need a two inch deep (50mm) steel baking pan filled about ¾ of the way to the top, with filtered water if possible. Place in freezer with a frozen surface contacting the bottom of the pan, and the sides exposed, the little bar fridges with the metal freezer compartment work a treat. Now the theory behind this is the base of the pan begins to freeze fist and slowly forces air to the surface. allow this to freeze solid and remove.

Now for the art of ice carving.

Take your frozen block and place it on a solid surface. With a decent sized knife or ice pick, divide the block into a grid shape of 50mm x 50mm cubes and slowly chip out the grid into cubes. Now if you’re patient and took your time, your cubes will be cut out but have rough edges. Now smooth them out using the flat side of a knife creating nice flat sides.

You should now be left with nice flat, smooth cubes of roughly 50mm x 50mm x 44mm cubes that look nice, taste nice, and last up to three times longer. The perfect companion to a fine spirit!

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