Ironbark Distillery - Australia Gin Distillery of the Year 2015

Ironbark at the 2015 Melbourne International Spirit Awards

The heart and soul of Ironbark Distillery is the crystal clear, pure spirits that are produced in this small boutique distillery, of which the range now numbers six.

From the start point of Crystallus Vodka, which led to the Chai Spirit with its unique aroma and taste, which then led me as a distiller to begin researching and developing a uniquely flavoured, Australian produced Gin. The first Gin was a standard dry variety followed by a Gin with a pure aussie twist.

Many hours were spent looking at how Gin was made in the early days, various methods, steeping versus infusion, different botanicals and many other facets were examined at length. After some trial and error, Ironbark Dry Gin was born. Soon after, a pure Australian blend was achieved by adding wattleseed to the original dry gin recipe, which provided quite a different and unique flavour profile again.

We enlisted the taste buds of friends and family to help in the quest for pure Gin and after some very positive feedback, samples were sent for professional tasters to cast their vote. The results were encouraging to say the least and readers of our previous post would be familiar with the outstanding scores that the gins received.

The two gins were gaining quite a following and some very nice comments. It was right about here that questions began to form; If it’s good, how good? How do I compare to other established brands? Being the new kid on the block, does it cut the mustard?

The only way to get some peace from the questions in my head were to enter our spirits into a competition to be judged against our peers. The Melbourne International Spirit Awards were being held, so the forms were submitted and the bottles sent. Things had been a little hectic with samples and bottles going out, paperwork to be completed. Keeping stock up proved quite the distraction.

Now after a long wait, I am extremely happy to announce that Ironbark Wattleseed Dry Gin was awarded the Silver medal and the Ironbark Dry Gin was awarded a bronze! Quite a stunning result alone!

However, the icing on the cake for the distillery was also to be awarded Australian Gin Distillery of the year!

The results are testament to the fact that Ironbark Distillery is definitely progressing in the right direction. It also means that there is no time to rest and that to achieve the goals that Ironbark Distillery is built on: “Pride, Passion, Perfection”, we must continue to learn, grow and enjoy the journey that is Ironbark Distillery.

Ironbark Distillery - Australia Gin Distillery of the Year 2015

Ironbark Distillery - 313 Dry Wattleseed Gin - 2015 Silver

Ironbark Distillery - 313 Dry Gin - 2015 Bronze

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