Moonshine... More than just Illegal Liquor

Moonshine… More than just Illegal Liquor

Moonshine can be traced back through history to the late 1700s early 1800s. The most common perception is that Moonshine is an illegal liquor made in clandestine operations, under the cover of darkness using the moon for light.

From these crude beginnings shine has grown to become a popular and sought after spirit that has grown into a culture all of its own with appeal to both whiskey and bourbon drinkers alike.

Ironbark Distillery’s Corn Rye Moonshine is a pure clear spirit that has no barrel-aging and is proofed a little higher than normal spirits (45% for shine), but is still remarkably smooth to drink.

The rise of moonshine culture has been helped by television shows such as Moonshiners, a series which not only showcases what the back wood distiller can achieve but also some boutique operations such as Limestone Branch distillery and Asheville distillery.

Moonshine now comes in a variety of styles, with not only fruit based versions of shine, there is also sugar shine, short period barrel aged shine and pure agave nectar shine. So don’t be fooled by the somewhat shady beginnings of this remarkable spirit, it has truly matured into a class of it’s own, to be savoured with good friends.

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