The Latest Products Have Landed!

Ironbark Distillery - New Label Range - June 2015

The Latest Products Have Landed!

If you follow our Ironbark Distillery Blog or Facebook page, you will know that we have recently been working on new label designs and new products which we previewed publicly not too long ago.

We are pleased to announce, our newest and most amazing spirits to date are now available!

There is a lot that goes into creating our products and we are always proud to see our initial dreams become a reality. All of our latest products, whether a new label or an entirely new product, are our favourites to date.

There has been a lot of buzz around moonshine lately and it doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Our two moonshines, the crystal clear un-aged and the four week barrel aged, have been our most popular releases and I think we know why… Because not only are they super tasty, they hold a certain stigma when the word moonshine is mentioned. You can learn more about moonshine not just being illegal liquor from one of our posts.

OK, so enough with the introduction!

Every month sees Ironbark Distillery’s products gaining traction in more and more places and we’re excited about getting our spirits into some very classy establishments and even other distilleries… That’s right, OTHER DISTILLERIES!

Now if other distilleries stocking our products in their bars doesn’t express how special our products are, I don’t know what will! The Oak Barrel recently wrote a great article about Ironbark Distillery and some of our products, which tells us that our products are being enjoyed and received well.

We look forward to supplying your local so you can get your hands on the goods. You can suggest places you would like to see our products on the stockists page.

If you’re interested in stocking our products, you can register an account and then fill out the application form once you’re logged in.

Until next time, it’s shine time!

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