Chai Mule

Chai Mule

A Winter Warmer Cocktail

Chai Mule

Chai Mule featuring Chai Spirit- Ironbark Distillery

These wintery winds can be frigid. They nearly chill you to the bone. If you are looking for an elixir to warm you up without too much prep, try a Chai Mule. Our Chai Spirit is an infusion of Australian honey and eleven fresh spices. As well as a black tea and a fermented Chinese tea and is known to have healing properties.

This cocktail celebrates the multicultural population of Australia. Combining ancient traditions with local ingredients and Australian spirits to warm you up to get over the last leg of winter.


A variation on the traditional Moscow Mule showcasing our Chai Spirit.

Chai Mule Cocktail

Chai Mule Cocktail

15ml Lime Juice

45ml Chai Spirit

Ginger Beer

Method: Fill a copper mug with ice. Add in the lime and Chai Spirit. Top with Ginger Beer.

To Serve: Garnish with Mint, Cardamom, and Chai Spices.


Ironbark Distillery’s Chai Spirit most recently won Double Gold at the China Wine & Spirits Awards. Try this spirit in your favourite clear spirit cocktail recipes to add a punch of flavour and spice. This recipe can also be made in a large batch like a Punch. Just add 45ml of Chai Spirit and 15ml per person of lime. A large ice cube and topping the mixture with ginger beer will be a crowd pleaser! Want to add another layer of flavour? Try topping the cocktail with Angostura Bitters.

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